Lean Six Sigma is essentially a vast tool box of techniques, methodologies and ideologies to help streamline an operation or process with the aim of reducing waste and improving productivity.

It is two ideologies that have been merged together as they complement each other in the aim to improve.

The methodology of Lean  focuses on the reduction of waste – created by Toyota in the 80’s to increase the number of vehicles they could get through their production lines because there was too much time, effort and money spent with little productivity and reward

Six Sigma – is a set of techniques which mainly uses statistics to ensure reduction in defaults – six sigma allows for only 3.4 per million – created by Motorola in the 80’s to again improve their productivity and revenue

Both philosophies aim to reduce waste and improve productivity but the overriding ethos they have at the centre is the customer with the question “does this benefit the customer?”. (It is worth remembering that the business can also be the customer).