Operational MOT

At SGConsultancy we believe that to survive and thrive in an intense business environment, organisations and companies need to demonstrate that they are robust, stable, compliant, forward-thinking and, crucially, operationally lean.

Every part of your company’s engine needs to be performing to its full potential, and if it isn’t, our organisational MOT will identify those elements which are mis-firing, stalling or completely breaking down.

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Process Streamlining

Process Streamlining has 2 phases – what are we doing currently and what do we ideally want to be doing.

The benefits go beyond having a more efficient and cost-effective operation – it provides transparency of what is happening in the business, vastly reduces the possibility for non-conformances and allows for employees to engage and influence what happens.

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Project Management

SGConsultancy has over 20 years experience in managing operational improvement projects and we believe that each project must take in to account the individual business’ culture and adapt the project management approach accordingly.

Yes we have the qualification in Prince2 Project Management and will always use the key principles of this to allow for transparency and learning but we will always adapt it to the size and complexity of the project.

Knowing that you have passed on a key project to someone who delivers every time will allow you peace of mind to engage in other areas of your business.

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ISO Certification

Achieving certification for both of these standards requires a full audit of your business.

Existing processes are reviewed with a view to streamlining and documenting them. Legislation is considered to ensure that your business is meeting any relevant compliance requirements.  How the staff are looked after,  engaged with and managed is also key.  Finally, how your business is managed is reviewed – how does the business assess risk, set objectives, report against KPIs and effectively monitor and review its actions and performance.

In addition to this each standard has other specific areas of the business that it covers.

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CRM Implementation

Customer Data lets you understand your customers and clients and the products and services they get from you. It identifies where you get your existing and future income from, and it’s the source of that all-important customer feedback.

Storing your data in a place that is user-friendly, secure and easily accessible allows you to market your products and services intelligently, and also supports effective reporting – so you can make those all important business decisions.

It also provides you with transparency – it can capture activity, sales conversions, engagement and much more.

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Data Protection Audits

Strict rules make it a legal requirement that organisations and companies working across all sectors understand their legal obligations when it comes to data protection and interacting with customers.

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