The operational mechanic

At SGConsultancy, we think of ourselves as master mechanics of operational business systems and processes. Our specialist streamlining skills are designed to help your organisation run like a dream – we want nothing less than maximum performance.

A thorough review of how your business is performing operationally with a comprehensive report of where you can make improvements.

Processes are the veins of your business – the fuel lines if you like – and if these aren’t working efficiently your engine is going to slow down and potentially stop you in your tracks.  Streamlining these processes will ensure you have an operationally healthy business.

You might not have the skillset or resource in house to carry out that all important piece of work… or it might be that you would prefer to bring in someone completely objective and with a fresh set of eyes … this is where we can deliver for you.

When it comes to showing existing and potential clients plus industry colleagues that you mean business, acquiring  ISO 9001 and/or  ISO 14001 Certification clearly demonstrates that your organisation has a high level quality management system in place and that customers are your absolute focus.

Customer data is essential to your business – without well managed (and compliant) customer data you can not operate efficiently.  Having a CRM system that is tailored to your business needs will save you time, will save you money, will provide you with crucial management information and will allow you to provide an outstanding service.

The days of being blasé about confidential information are long gone. Nowadays, data compliance is far more than simply managing and processing data and your customers want to know that you are treating their information carefully. SGConsultancy will work with you to ensure legislative compliance.

Scotland Food & Drink

Scotland Food & Drink is the industry leadership trade association established in 2007.

SGConsultancy carried out an audit of all data and a requirements to customise a CRM system to allow for all contact data to be transparently stored and reported on.

Evolve Group

The Evolve Group is a well established marketing agency in Edinburgh.

We worked with them to put in place quality management systems to help them achieve ISO accreditation to align themselves with the industry quality standards.

Seafood Scotland

Set up by the industry, Seafood Scotland work to increase the value of return to the Scottish seafood sector.

We carried out a full data audit and process review with all staff and the CEO to ensure they were compliant for the new GDPR legislation.

Operational efficiency and effectiveness

Making your engine run like a dream – building strong relationships with our clients is at the heart of SGConsultancy’s approach.

We’re committed to getting to know you and the inner workings of your organisation, and with our help you’ll soon get your systems running smoothly.

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