About SGConsultancy

At SGConsultancy, we pride ourselves on proper relationship-building with all of our clients.

We’ll work closely with you and your staff to understand how the engine of your organisation is running, and where it’s misfiring. When it’s required, we’ll even provide your team with in-depth training on new systems and fresh ways of working.

SGConsultancy provides both advisory and implementation services.

We can support you to solve a one-off system breakdown, or provide ongoing maintenance and regular services.

We even offer organisational health checks – an MOT of your operational systems to assess what’s working well and what needs urgent repair. And if you need us to, we can do a whole systems fix.

SGConsultancy is completely committed to helping organisations fire on all cylinders.

So we like to get up to our elbows in engine oil to understand what makes you, your team and your business tick.

Our approach includes empathy and understanding, but we also provide clear-eyed analysis to help get your systems fixed and performing to their maximum potential.

The Master Mechanic

Sarah Geoghegan is SGConsultancy’s master mechanic. She takes huge pride in getting under the bonnet of your organisation to fix all the operational glitches which interfere with performance, and drive everyone mad.

For Sarah, operational systems and processes are endlessly fascinating, she’s got real drive to achieve continuous operational improvement for her clients. Those clients include national food and drink organisations, plus a wide range of Scottish SMEs and charities.

Building strong relationships with her clients is at the heart of Sarah’s approach. She’s committed to getting to know you and the inner workings of your organisation, and with her help you’ll soon get your systems running smoothly.

Sarah is definitely not your average project manager, there’s nothing grey suit about her, or her approach. As well as providing an entire spectrum of operational and management systems skills, she offers absolute trustworthiness and reliability too.

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