Data Protection Audits

Strict rules make it a legal requirement that organisations and companies working across all sectors understand their legal obligations when it comes to data protection and interacting with customers.

The Data Audit Process

To help you achieve data compliance we will work with you across a number of stages.

Stage 1
We will quickly learn and understand the workings of your business in relation to data.  This is so when we come to Stage 2 we are looking in all of the right places and asking the right questions.

Stage 2
Begins with an full audit of  all the data you process – how you collect, what you do with it, why you have it and where you keep it.

Stage 3
Review of your data management processes and documentation such as privacy policies and subject access request procedures.

At the end of these 3 Stages you will have a data compliance gap analysis report containing, if any,  actions that are required to be carried out.

Stage 4
If required SGConsultancy can work through the actions identified and ensure that they are completed.  Alternatively these can be carried out in-house by your team.

Stage 5
SGConsultancy can also provide training to your staff to ensure that everyone understands their obligations to keep data safe and within the law, and how they do that within the context of your particular business.

Data Audit - the additional benefits

The good news is is that while you do need to be serious about and spend time ensuring your data  processes, policies and procedures are compliant the  huge additional benefit is that your overall business will improve.

For a start you will have greater transparency of your data and all of the processes in your business.  This will  highlight areas that would benefit from a streamlining exercise which if carried out will save you time, effort and money.

Additionally once you really know your data and you can analyse it effectively you can start to make some very dynamic business decisions – around for example where do you need to market more, how do you want to communicate with a particular sector, are there any other services you want to develop, how are we actually performing against our KPIs… it all begins with your customer data.

Finally and vitally your customers will place their trust in you.  Knowing that you take the privacy of their data seriously will mean they also know you are professional , compliant and reliable – it is a key part of your customer service offering.

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