Operational MOT

At SGConsultancy we believe that to survive and thrive in an intense business environment, organisations and companies need to demonstrate that they are robust, stable, compliant, forward-thinking and, crucially, operationally lean.

Every part of your company’s engine needs to be performing to its full potential, and if it isn’t, our organisational MOT will identify those elements which are mis-firing, stalling or completely breaking down.


The SGConsultancy MOT process should be both rewarding and revitalising, we want your organisational engine to run like a dream.

To achieve that high performance we will work closely with you to assess what’s actually going on operationally, what’s working well and what future challenges and opportunities might lie ahead.

By working closely together we will also identify where there is waste, gaps or blockages and where there is room for improvement.

A Holistic Approach

Our Operational MOT will involve your whole team and all areas of your business.

This approach ensures that the thoughts, experience, vision, concerns and solutions come from the very people who understand the business best – those that work in it.

What SGConsultancy adds to the mix is skilled facilitation, deep operational experience, clear-eyed analysis and an invaluable external perspective.

SGConsultancys Operational MOT has four stages:

SGConsultancy’s Operational MOT takes the form of a 4 stage operational review:

Stage 1

Understanding Your Business – discussions with owners/founders to ascertain the services, products, customers, aims and values of the business.

Stage 2

Understanding Your Team – informal interviews carried out with members of the team to ascertain their processes, challenges, solutions to problems and their understanding of Stage 1.

Stage 3

Process & System Review – an Operational Gap Analysis carried out across areas such as policies, systems, compliance, processes, management & evaluation.

Stage 4

End of MOT findings meeting with a easy to use report produced highlighting gaps and areas for improvement.


Once the MOT is complete and we’ve provided our review report, it’s over to you. You might choose to adopt our recommendations using your own in-house staff team, or you can always ask SGConsultancy to implement some or all of the recommendations we’ve identified for significant operational improvement.

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