Project Management

SGConsultancy has over 20 years experience in managing operational improvement projects and we believe that each project must take in to account the individual business’ culture and adapt the project management approach accordingly.

Yes we have the qualification in Prince2 Project Management and will always use the key principles of this to allow for transparency and learning but we will always adapt it to the size and complexity of the project.

Knowing that you have passed on a key project to someone who delivers every time will allow you peace of mind to engage in other areas of your business.

What is our Project Management approach?

Requirements Gathering

By the time you have come to us you will probably have a proposal of works and some key objectives and so now it is about making sure that all areas of the business have been considered – and that all their requirements have been gathered.

Project Action Plan

This is a must – everything captured from the requirements gathering phase in addition to the original scope of work needs to be listed in the Project Plan with a RACI – who is Responsible, who is Accountable, who has been Consulted and who has been Informed.

It is also important to capture deadlines here and dependencies (what needs to happen before something else can) – it all sounds simple BUT it is vital.

Project Timeline (Gannt Chart or similar)

Essentially this is to show what is happening and when….the milestones and the period of time something will be being worked on (and therefore what resource will be used during this phase).


This is the doing bit where we get our hands dirty and where the organisational skills come in to play.  The Project Action Plan needs to be systematically worked through, referred back to and updated regularly.  Throughout this phase regular reporting is essential to make sure that you and other stakeholders understand the progress of the project.

Its also the time where we need our agility – stopping to test and check that we are on the right track before we go too far is key to making sure that we can react to any changes / influences that might crop up along the way.

Post Implementation Review

So the project has been delivered, the KPIs met and now is the time to take stock of what was learnt through this process, where there were challenges and what could be done differently in future projects – this is a key stage of Project Management as you will never remember as clearly after time has passed and what you carry forward will be invaluable.

Key Documents

  • Risk Register ( what could go wrong and what are we putting in place to mitigate that)
  • Learnings Register (a log of key things that have gone wrong or right for future project use)
  • Post Implementation Review Report (the summary of everything that happened in the journey of the project to be used for future project planning)
  • Stakeholder plan (who needs to be engaged with, why, in what format and with what frequency)
  • Communications plan (who needs to be communicated with, in what format and with what frequency)

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