Process Streamlining

Process Streamlining has 2 phases – what are we doing currently and what do we ideally want to be doing.

The benefits go beyond having a more efficient and cost-effective operation – it provides transparency of what is happening in the business, vastly reduces the possibility for non-conformances and allows for employees to engage and influence what happens.

Process Mapping – the As Is

Captures the process step by step – noting who does what, when, how and most importantly why… steps that are deemed wasteful and unnecessary are highlighted… and steps that don’t benefit the customer are as well.

Process Mapping – the To Be

Removes the wasteful steps as identified in the As Is mapping and then maps out the steps to the most efficient process.  The new process needs to makes sense to those who do it, serve the needs of the business and most importantly provide quality to your customer.

The key question is often “would your customer want to pay for wasteful steps in a process… because they are until you remove them”.

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