What we do

At SGConsultancy we provide both analytical and practical services.

Our practical services are supported by our commitment to getting under the bonnet to know exactly how you and your organisation runs.

Our operational improvement services have been used by many clients across the private, public and voluntary sectors in Scotland. We pride ourselves on delivering superb systems management support, process improvement and end to end project management for organisations of all shapes and sizes.

With our operational review, audit and business health check toolkits, we offer in-depth analysis to find out where breakdown, blockage and unwanted waste is happening in your organisation.

That analysis is backed by a series of recommendations to help your systems run smoothly and efficiently.

However, we’re not simply process analysts – we also offer comprehensive strategic planning and implementation services.

Once we’ve identified what needs to be fixed to deliver maximum efficiency, we will work with you to draw up a plan of work to repair your problems or redesign your systems.

Once we’ve identified and fixed your operational issues, we don’t leave you high and dry. We also provide training to bring your staff team up to speed with new, improved ways of working and can offer ongoing retainer support packages.

Our specialist services includes:

  • Operational and systems consultancy
  • Operational MOT (Organisational health check)
  • ISO certification preparation
  • CRM system design, customisation and implementation
  • Project Management
  • GDPR compliance
  • Training

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